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Review: Cannapack by Cannabox {March 2014}

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and/or referral codes. This was not a sponsored post. All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. All Photographs are © JenniSaisQuoi.com unless stated otherwise.

Back by popular demand, I’ve got another Cannapack review for all my smoker friends!


Keep in mind this review contains adult related content. If you’re not interested in reading that, feel free to move on.  As for the rest of you…. it’s Friday (again)…. you ain’t got no job….and you still ain’t got shit ta do!?

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Bulu Box Review – March 2014

bulubox-march2014-1BuluBox is a monthly subscription vitamin and supplement sample box focused on health, nutrition, and weight loss products for $10 shipped per month.

Each box contains 4-5 products or samples for men and women which includes items such as vitamins, weight loss, energy, protein, digestion, sleep support, fitness dvds, healthy food utensils, and more. There are two box option choices as well – the Bulubox for nutirion and the Bulubox for Weight loss. I got the weight loss box which had an approximate retail value of $56.84 this month. It contained the following items:bulu2-1

  • K-Pax Energy
  • VanaPain PM
  • Rootology: Breathe Free
  • HAVVN GO Sticks
  • Nuvia Trim Coffee
  • Body Glove – Surge Chocolate Energy Gel

bulubox-march2014-4K-Pax Energy – Appx. retail value $22.48

This was essentially a full sized bottle of K-Pax energy supplement. Or half of a bottle, the regular size is 60 tablets and this was 30.  It’s cool to have your multivitamin and your energy boost combined in one product. Great to be putting some healthy things in your body along with getting your morning jolt. Even better is the fact that this baby contains no artificial ingredients and no sugar. It claims that you’ll have no jitters, no crash, and it even acts as a mood elevator. Definitely all things I’m looking for in the morning!!!

bulu2-2VanaPain PM – Appx. retail value $3.20

This strawberry flavored elixir is both a pain relief agent and a sleep aid combined into a single serving liquid “shot”. The formula is supposed to be non habit forming and is a blend of Choline Salicyate, which is supposed to have an onset FIVE times faster than asprin – so it should work 5x faster than your traditional pain reliever. The liquid delivery of Choline Salicyate also reduces common side effects of pain relievers and doesn’t set in the stomach like a tablet does.

bulubox-march2014-9HAVVN GO Sticks – Appx. retail value $2.16

How cool are these orange mango flavored drink mix sticks… THAT HELP SLOW AGING!? Perfect for dropping into a water bottle  on the go or keeping in your desk. They contain a blend of natural components and products like HAVVN Gene optimized nutrition that are meant to extend your youth throughout your life span. It’s got great anti-aging components like Tumeric, Goji Berry Extract, Coenzyme Q10 and Resveratrol!

bulubox-march2014-7Rootology: Breathe Free – Appx. retail value $1.90

This blend of concentrated herbal extracts work to provide relief from allergies and support nasal, sinus, and eye health. Contains Vitamin C & Vitamin D, along with cinnamon twig, angelica root, and xanthium fruit! Good for sneezing, runny n ose, congestion, itchy or watery eyes, and sinus pressure. Since I rarely have issues with allergies, I’ll probably pass these on to a friend to try.


bulubox-march2014-5Nuvia Trim Coffee – Appx. retail value $2.54

This is a yummy instant coffee product which helps weight loss and replaces your daily cup of regular coffee with this delicious blend of Green coffee bean, fat burning thermogenic Raspberry Ketone, African Mango, and Green Tea with ECGC. It helps to boost metabolism, promote appetite control, and support healthy after meal sugar levels. Powerful anti-oxidants combat stress at the cellular level, and keep your body energized to burn more fat. I had it with creamer and thought it tasted great  and seemed to give me a comparable buzz to regular coffee.If you drink a lot of coffee, choosing an option like this with other help benefits is most certainly the way to go!!!! The instant packets would be very convenient for keeping at work or places where you don’t have access to a coffee maker, too!

bulubox-march2014-10Body Glove – Surge Chocolate Energy Gel – Appx. retail value $2.09

This is an all natural energy gel designed by the popular sports brand and wet suit company Body Glove. It’s got a nice dose of 150mg of caffeine in an 80 calorie serving. It’s also got Green Tea, Honey, Protein Powder, high antioxidant fruits, polyphenol, and coconut water. Conveniently packaged for easy consumption before or during your work out. Increases mental focus and boosts the immune system, too!  Lots of caffeine in a low calorie dose with great natural ingredients!!! Excited to give this a shot!

bulubox-march2014-11Some other cool things about Bulubox: You can earn 50 points each month (worth $5 towards full size products you try in the Bulubox store) for sharing, taking sample surveys, and things like that on the website. You can sometimes find coupon codes to try them out fpr half price which really drops down the price of your box as well! Even at the regular price it’s well worth it. 

bulubox-march2014-3If you’re interested in giving BuluBox a try, please be sure to sign up using my referral link here.

Peckish Box Review – {The Sweet Tooth Box} Week of March 17th, 2014

Update:  I am just furious with this company. What a terrible experience. After I received this box, I cancelled my order because I just didn’t feel like the value was there. Instead of cancelling my order, they took it upon themselves to change my subscription to bi-monthly, charging and sending me MORE boxes, and after sending multiple emails for 2 months, I was only able to get a response and have the order cancelled after leaving a bad review on their facebook page. I still have not been able to get them to credit me back for the erroneous charges they made to my card. Whatever you do, DO NOT use this company. They send the TINIEST portions of freeze dried fruits that all basically taste like styrafoam anyway, and they have a very small selection of items they include in the boxes so you get the same tiny samples of snacks repeated  month after month. I ended up getting two other boxes as a result of them refusing to stop charging my card and sending me boxes, but I refuse to do any more reviews for this company because they are THAT BAD.

Tried out my first Peckish box recently and have to say I was extremely dissapointed ! If you’re not familiar with Peckish, they send you a few small snacks for $5.99/box. Shipments are available for the boxes on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. 

peckish-march2014-1All the boxes contain “minimally processed” ingredients supposedly. They also contain no trans fats, no partially hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.  They are basically just tiny little plastic boxes with not even a handful of crappy tasting freeze dried crap.

I got the Sweet Tooth Box and here’s what it contained:


  • PB & J
  • Sweet Americana
  • Strawberry Banana Sundae
  • Blueberry Walnut Granola


PB & J

Raisins, peanuts, and freeze dried raspberries which are supposed to mimic the taste of the clasic peanut butter and jelly – but instead just taste like raisins and peanuts which is pretty much what you’re getting with every peckish mix. That or peanuts and chocolate chips. More or less. 

Ingredients: Raspberries, grapes, peanuts, peanut oil, unbleached wheat flour, water, canola oil, all natural evaporated cane juice, salt, yeast, baking soda


Sweet Americana

Again we have freeze tried blueberries and raspberries mixed in with banana chips… all of which had a bitter taste and came with the corner of packaging open so that little bits spilled everywhere. Which I guess was a favor to me, since it tasted like crap anyway. Small favors and stuff.

Ingredients: Blueberries, raspberries, bananas


Strawberry Banana Sundae

This had styrafoam strawberries, bananas, and chocolate chips. Same bland tasting, strangely textured 

Ingredients: Dried Strawberries, Dried Bananas, Organic Sugar, Organic Chocolate Liqueur, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Soy Lecithin, Organic Vanilla


Blueberry Walnut Granola

Dehydrated blueberries mixed with the walnuts and granola. This one didn’t contain a card with nutrition information, nor is it listed on the website right now, but there is a granola mix with Cranberry available that looks similar you can check out. 

I think the value of the box for $5.99 shipped was just not enough for me to want to continue subscribing. Combine that with the fact that this company will charge your card however much they want to, whenever they want to, and there will be no way for you to cancel it without cancelling your credit card and getting a new one (or getting very lucky) it’s just NOT WORTH trying. If you’re interested in trying out a food box, there are SO MANY more reputable companies that send out an actual variety of good tasting snacks, instead of just putting a bad taste in your mouth.

Eco Emi Box Review – March 2014 {Girls Just Wanna Have Fun}

 Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links or referral codes. This was not a sponsored post.

Eco Emi is an Eco-friendly subscription box service that sends at least 5 samples (or sometimes full sized items) to you each month for $15 shipped. They send you all natural products that can range from skin, hair, and nail products to snacks, teas, and other lifestyle type items. The products they send are all healthy, natural, and organic. You usually get a little bag of beauty products, plus a couple healthy natural snacks to try – so they do a good job of giving you a nice variety of things, and it has a lot of different points of appeal that way. Here’s everything I got in my March box:


  • Shea Butter by Karitex
  • Dawn Lip Gloss by Purely You Minerals
  • 2N1 Lip Therapy and Cuticle Treatment by The Lano Company
  • Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes by La Fresh
  • Eco-Beauty Nail Polish Remover Pads by La Fresh
  • Red Popcorn by Kitts Kernel
  • Almond Bar by Kuli Kuli

rp_ecoemi-march2014-5-510x510.jpgShea Butter by Karitex   – Appx. Retail Value: $10

Thought it was VERY COOL that they included a full block of Shea Butter with the box this month. It’s organic, 100% raw, and a really soft quality that makes it easy to work with. Some unrefined Shea Butters that I’ve used come in a much harder consistency that practically needs to be grated in order to use – so I was VERY happy with that.  Shea Butter can be used in so many ways – check out the post I made here if you’re looking for some ideas on ways to use yours!


ecoemi-march2014-8Dawn Lip Gloss by Purely You Minerals – Appx. Retail Value: $8.00

This vegan lip gloss contains all natural vitamins, oils, and minerals. Feels nice and moisturizing on. Doesn’t give you a super glossy look, though. The color Dawn is a very nice, wearable natural tone!

ecoemi-march2014-92N1 Lip Therapy and Cuticle Treatment by The Lano Company  - Appx. Retail Value: $5

This product can be used as a lip treatment or a cuticle treatment – so I love the fact that it’s dual purpose. It’s got jojoba, coconut, and sweet almond oils. I did get a chance to try it on a real painful hangnail I had – and after applying it a couple days the area has really healed up nicely so it seems to work well for that.

ecoemi-march2014-11Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes by La Fresh – Appx. Retail Value: ranges from $ .42-1.66

Single use packet containing an eco friendly, lavender scented makeup remover. Haven’t tried it yet to say how it works, but having the individual package would be very handy for those that travel often.

ecoemi-march2014-12Eco-Beauty Nail Polish Remover Pads by La Fresh – Appx. Retail Value: $.60

Another single use packet containing acetone-free nail polish remover. Is orange scented, and claims to not have the harsh, drying effects of conventional polish removers. One pad is supposed to clean all 10 nails. Very convenient for traveling or keeping in your makeup bag for nail mishaps on the go. Haven’t tried it yet to say how well it works yet.

ecoemi-march2014-7Red Popcorn by Kitts Kernel- Appx. Retail Value: $ 6.25/1.5lb. bag (not sure on size of sample!)

This Red Popcorn is non-GMO and grown naturally, which is supposed to enhance the corn flavor and makes it extremely cool already. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet, nor have I ever had any type of red corn so I’m excited to check it out on a movie night this weekend!!

Use coupon code ECO2014 for 15% off your next order from Kitts Kernel.

ecoemi-march2014-6Almond Bar by Kuli Kuli  – Appx. Retail Value: $2.89

These Almond Bars are sourced from West Africa, and is filled with a nutritious and medicinal plant called Moringa. It’s gluten-free, vegan, and made with simple ingredients. One very cool thing about it is that it contains the protein, iron, and calcium you need throughout the day. The taste wasn’t all that great, but it wasn’t terrible or intolerable either and I managed to eat the whole thing. Love the nutritional value and would be curious to try the other flavor options available to see if any of them are more palatable.

Shea Butter Beauty Tips

ecoemi-march2014-5There are so many great ways you can use Shea Butter for Beauty, Healing, and Medicinal Purposes. Many of you may have received a large bag of Shea Butter with your Eco Emi boxes this month, so I thought I’d post up some Ideas for using them!

Tonight I busted open the Shea Butter they sent in my box and used it to make some lip balms, lotion bars, bath melts, and shea butter sticks with different oil blends for all purpose use.  I’m loving using it as a curl definer and frizz tamer in my hair, too! So many great options that hopefully you’ll explore some new ways to incorporate this amazing product into your beauty routine.

Here are some ideas:

  • Massage into dry, cracked or chapped skin in need of moisture. Great for treating dry patches on elbows, knees & heels.
  • Massage into hair and scalp for a deep conditioning treatment.
  • Mix with essential oils to create your own moisturizer blend.
  • Apply on hands, nails and cuticles for softening.
  • Use as a lip balm for dry and chapped lips and also as a lip plumper.
  • Use around hairline before color application to protect skin from staining.
  • Use for grooming and setting eyebrows by brushing a small amount on them to keep them in place in all day.
  • Use as a soother to calm dry itchy skin after a day in the sun at the beach or the pool.
  •  Apply on fading scars and burns to help them heal.
  • Use on roots of fine hair to boost volume.
  •  Drop a few tablespoons in bathwater for extra moisturizing.
  • Mix with your everyday hair conditioner for a deeper, more nourishing treatment.
  • Mix with a little bit of blush for an instant, super-moisturizing, non-sticky matte lipstick.
  • Apply a layer on pressure points before spraying your perfume to achieve longer-lasting fragrance.
  • Use under concealer to smooth out makeup application over blemishes.
  • Use as a backup moisturizing balm when you run out of eye cream or eye serum.
  • Use on nails and cuticles for stronger, shiny, healthy-looking nails.
  • Use for soothing razor burn.
  • Apply on eyelashes instead of mascara for natural definition and/or eyelash conditioning.
  • Apply before body glitter to make your shimmer hold better. 
  • Drop a few tablespoons in hot bath water for a moisturizing soak.
  • Use to tame frizzy hair and define curls.
  • Use as a simple yet effective anti-aging balm as it aides in cellular renewal for the prevention of wrinkles.
  • Use around the lips before lipstick to prevent color from bleeding.
  • Make your makeup multitask by mixing shea butter with a powder blush for a creamy cheek color.

Oh, and I may have to do a more detailed post about those bath melts and lotion bars I made as well because they are AWESOME. I will definitely be making more of them soon – they make my skin feel so silky and amazing!!! Be sure to leave a comment if you’d be interested in getting tutorials for them!

Love with Food Box Review – March 2014 {Flavors of the World}

 Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links or referral codes. This was not a sponsored post.

Love with Food is a monthly snack and food sampling subscription box for $12 per month. They send 8 or more products out to try in their tasting box that are all natural and organic!  Even cooler than that is for every box shipped they donate a meal to a hungry child in America!

My March box contained the following:

LoveMyFood - March2014-2

  • Chai Spice Macaroons by Emmy Organics
  • Salt & Vinegar Cassava Chips by Wai Lana
  • Marinara Pasta Chips by Vintage Italia
  • Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread
  • Desert Gardens Taco & Burrito Meat Seasoning
  • Banana Lollipop by Pierrot Gourmand
  • Earl Gray Tea by Taylors of Harrogate
  • (2) Ginger Chews by Chimes (Original & Mango Flavored)

LoveMyFood - March2014-8Chai Spice Macaroons by Emmy Organics - Appx. Value $3.33

These were absolutely amazing. My vegan boyfriend has been looking for good macaroons forever – they used to be his favorite. He was so excited about these! We will definitely be buying them again. It’s got a perfect mix of Chai spices with organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cardamom, organic nutmeg, organic clove, and himalayan crystal salt – all of which combine and pair perfectly with the coconut. Chai Spiced macaroons come in a three-pack package which is convenient for bringing with you on the go. They are made with the finest organic, non-gmo and raw ingredients. Emmy’s Organics dehydrates all of their products at low temperatures to keep the nutritional integrity of these amazing ingredients.

LoveMyFood - March2014-5Salt & Vinegar Cassava Chips by Wai Lana – Appx. Value $1.66

These Chips are made from nutrient rich Cassava and contain no GMO ingredients, preservatives, cholesterol, artificial colors, artificial flavors, wheat, soy, or gluten. They’ve got 30% less fat than regular chips and they tasted terrific. I loved the thick, airy delicious texture best of all.

LoveMyFood - March2014-9Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread – Appx. Value $.85

Tasty classic butter shortbread cookies that come in an individually wrapped pack of 2.  Unique because they were much thicker than any shortbread I’ve ever had, and came in stick form.  Nice short and simple ingredients list.  The flavor was “just okay”. Contains: milk, wheat, gluten. Not suitable for nut or milk allergy sufferers

LoveMyFood - March2014-7Desert Gardens Taco & Burrito Meat Seasoning – Appx. Value $3.24

Haven’t gotten a chance to try this yet, and it’s a new brand to me.  We use taco seasoning to spice up fake meats in vegan dishes very frequently over here so we’ll definitely end up making some tacos or nachos to try this out on soon!

LoveMyFood - March2014-6Marinara Pasta Chips by Vintage Italia – Appx. Value $.80

These were tastier than I was expecting. Really delicious flavor. Not too salty or overly flavored –  had a touch of sweetness actually. Semolina dough baked with traditional Italian seasonings and spiced with a very light Marinara flavoring with a nice light crunchy texture.

LoveMyFood - March2014-12Banana Lollipop by Pierrot Gourmand – Appx. Value $.65

This lollipop was really tasty, and the Banana flavor was very unique with an authentic and genuine taste. The sucker itself had a pretty soft consistency. The flavor was good and kind of creamy, not too sweet. Actually had the tiniest bit of saltiness to it but not enough to overpower the taste.

LoveMyFood - March2014-10

Earl Gray Tea by Taylors of Harrogate – Appx. Value $.50

Bag of black tea with Bergamot fragrance. First invented as a Mandarin’s gift to the second Earl Grey in the 1880’s.  Haven’t gotten a chance to try this one yet, nor have I had tea from this company before but I love tea so am always happy to try a new kind.

LoveMyFood - March2014-11(2) Ginger Chews by Chimes (Original & Mango Flavor) – Appx. Value $.49

Delicious little individually wrapped ginger chews. They’re gluten-free, and made from ginger puree and all natural ingredients. Both flavors were really good! Soft and sweet. Surprisingly, the Mango flavor was much spicier than the original but still had a nice light fruity flavor and was my favorite of the two flavors.

And here’s the overview card with all the products in the March 2014 ” Flavors of the World” Box!

LoveMyFood - March2014-4and the best part about it all?

LoveMyFood - March2014-3For every box you order, LoveWithFood donates a meal to hungry child in America. If you’re interested in trying LoveWithFood please be sure to use my referral link here to sign up.

Fangs (Musical Monday}

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone! Wouldn’t you know here we are at the beginning of another week, too. Today’s Musical Monday pick is Fangs by She Keeps Bees. Only recently found out about She Keeps Bees and I just love their sound! Fangs has a beautiful and haunting melody. The lead singer reminds me a lot of Cat Power, which is a testament in itself. Just “feeling” this one in general at the moment. Hopefully you will too!

“You can leave your dead end mouth
I can see you got nothing to say
Leave me be here, gonna destruct in my own way
She’s a story, a picture that I cannot erase
You tell me she’s a ghost that you’re tired of seeing
Show me that snarl now
Show me the beast you claim to be
Give me that snarl now
Show me those teeth baby
Wanna see your teeth I wanna see those fangs”


Birchbox Review – March 2014 {Spring Forward}

 Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links or referral codes. This was not a sponsored post.

Got my March Birchbox today! For those of you not familiar with Birchbox, it’s a monthly subscription service that sends you 4-6 samples (and sometimes full sized products) for $10 shipped. If you’re interested in trying it out please be sure to use my referral link here to sign up!

I got Box #66 this month. The total value of the items in my box was approximately $24.71. It contained the following:

 Birchbox March 2014-5426

  • Stila Lip glaze in Pink Sugar
  • Keims Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo
  • Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting® Serum + Primer
  • Air Repair Rescue Balm All-Purpose Skin Salve and Lip Balm
  • Jergens® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

Birchbox - March 2014-5 Stila Lip glaze – Pink Sugar Appx. Value $8

LOVE this shade. When worn, it’s shimmery and sheer with a slightly cooler pink tone than it appears in the photo. It’s loaded with a gorgeous multi colored, fine shimmer which leans towards warmer shades, so that combined with the opacity factor affects the difference in how it appears in the tube compared to when worn. It’s a nice, fairly light formula that’s not too sticky or thick. If I do a look with it I’ll come back and post a good shot of the lips to show the glitter off better, but it’s a nice light sheer gloss that I adore! Nice pen style applicator, plus it contains vitamin A, C, and E keep your lips from drying out. Another cool thing about this stuff is that it’s said to be designed to last though one cup of coffee!

Birchbox - March 2014-7Keims Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo – Appx. Value: $1.90

This is an exclusive Birchbox product which contains refreshing peppermint leaf extract, nourishing macadamia nut, and silk protein. It’s free of mineral oil, silicon, ethanolamine, and parabens. Another unique thing about it is that it contains thermal water from the Salies-de-Béarn region of France, rich in naturally occurring calcium, magnesium, and other skin-friendly minerals. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m so overloaded with hair care products that it’s probably going to be a while before I get the chance to use this one.

Birchbox - March 2014-3Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting® Serum+Primer - Appx. Value $10.81

This one also appears to be a Birchbox exclusive, and it’s a serum  that’s supposed to even out the texture of your face as well as prime you for your daily coverage. This combo serum and primer works to condition skin, soothe irritation-induced redness, and diminish the signs of aging. It’s paraben- and sulfate-free, too. It’s also said you can wear this serum over your lipstick for a matte lip look! I only tested a bit of it around my eye area so I can’t comment much on it yet. It’s got a thin consistency which absorbs quickly, and a very faint soft smell.

Birchbox - March 2014-6Air Repair Rescue Balm All-Purpose Skin Salve and Lip Balm – Appx. value $2.27

This multitasking skin salve can be applied anywhere and everywhere—to the lips, hands, face, knees, elbows, cuticles…pretty much anywhere you’ve got dry skin . It’s described as having a revolutionary combination of emollients effectively inhibiting chronic inflammation that causes dryness, irritation, and premature wrinkles. Also prevents the primary cause of dry skin, transepidermal water loss. Contains sweet almond oil, fatty-acid rich lanolin, vitamin E, anti-inflammatory lavender, and geranium.
 I haven’t gotten a chance to try it out yet, but it sounds like a lot of people are saying that it moisturizes really well, but smells and tastes off putting.

Birchbox - March 2014-2Jergens® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream – Appx. Value: $1.73

This is a “Birchbox find” – which is a drugstore product that is included in addition to your 4-5 samples. It’s a 5-in-1 complexion correction moisturizer for the whole body. Touts itself to be an alternative to self tanner for perfecting the skin on your arms and legs. I don’t use self tanners, but this doesn’t give you a fake tan look at all. It contains Shea butter and light reflecting pigments to brighten skin and minimize the appearance of imperfections. Claims to improve your complexion over time by firming skin while calming redness and reducing visible discoloration. and work on multiple levels to hydrate, illuminate, visibly firm, even skin tone, and reduce the appearance of imperfections. Will be giving this one away because I’ve got a full size version of it coming in another box soon… but I did test a small bit of it, and it wasn’t extremely noticeable  on the back of my hand…. though I’m sure it’s much more noticeable on other areas like the legs. It did seem to improve the evenness of the overall skin tone, though. Once I’ve worn it more and tested it further I’ll update on my thoughts!

Ipsy Glam Bag Review – March 2014 {Destination Beauty}

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and/or referral codes. This was not a sponsored post.

It’s Ipsy time again! If you’re not familiar with Ipsy, for $10 each month you get a makeup bag (aka “Glam Bag”) filled with a handful of samples and sometimes full size products. What you receive each month depends on personal profile selections you make with the ipsyMatch system. This pulls results from your Beauty Quiz and product reviews to determine the best products for you.

Ipsy March 2014-5283Here’s what I got in my March Ipsy Glambag:

  • Be a Bombshell – Bora Bora Eyeshadow Quad
  • Nicole by OPI -Roughless – On what grounds?
  • Pixi Beauty – Flawless Beauty Primer
  • bareMinerals – Marvelous Moxie™ Lipstick in Get Ready

Approximate Total Retail Value: $43.50

Ipsy March 2014-5285I absolutely LOVE the bag itself for this month! It’s got a non traditional front zipper rather than the usual top zipper. The outside seems well waterproofed and has an almost waxy coating which feels like a good quality and should definitely help to keep this stylish looking bag clean, too. 

Another unique thing about it is inside the blue fabric lining there’s a tag sewn in containing the Artist, Klari Reis’ name who was chosen to have her print featured on the bag this month. The image is from  Reis’ geography-based series, “Street Anatomy” which showcases the neighborhoods of San Francisco, CA (Ipsy headquarters and Reis’ hometown). Perfect choice for the ‘destination beauty’ theme this month. This is just the first of many in ipsy’s new Artist Series which I’m very much looking forward to. Way to go, Ipsy and Klari!!

Ipsy March 2014-5340Be a Bombshell – Bora Bora Eyeshadow Quad – Appx. Value $16

This super cute little eyeshadow quad has 4 great shades, all of which are good quality and highly pigmented. Definitely glad I got this one out of the different eyeshadow palettes they offered this month and this would be a great one to bring along for traveling this summer! Also the fact that the value of this palette alone is more than the value of the entire bag is a nice little bonus. Oh, and don’t forget you can use these as an eyeliner as well – and I think all of these colors would be good for that!

Ipsy March 2014-5361

< Swatches

Also: Receive 40% off any purchase and FREE Fuchsia Lip Crayon:
Enter Code: Ipsy40 at checkout* – Offer valid thru 4/15/14.

  Next up I got a full sized bottle of:

Ipsy March 2014-5289Nicole by OPI – Roughless – On what grounds – Appx. Value $11
The Roughless series on these Nicole by OPI polishes feature textured nail lacquers in speckled, pastel shades that leave a pebbled matte finish.  The color ‘On What Grounds?’ is a fun minty color with Dark Blue Specks – it’s got real “Robin’s Egg” look to it….very unique and super cute for spring. Ipsy March 2014-5301The textured look is very different when you’re used to the smooth glossy look, and the ‘roughless’ textured effect with the speckles give off does have a bit of a bumpy look, but it’s a real pretty color and I like funky polishes!  This picture was after a wearing it a few days so it’s not fresh and perfect but will give you the idea.  Also, be sure you remember to skip the top coat when you use this!

Ipsy March 2014-5315Pixi Beauty – Mini Flawless Beauty Primer- Appx. value  $9

Loaded with good ingredients and anti aging goodies. Said to be good for all skin types. This blended easily with my skin, and is a tinted primer with a TON of shimmer. The shimmer does give your skin a nice glow – but you certainly have to be a fan of having the sparkle on your face. I definitely would prefer my primer to be a matte based formula and add any shimmer and highlight selectively after the fact. My skin tends to be on the oily side, so having all this extra shiny sparkle everywhere is just a bit too out of control for me for using all over. I’ll probably end up using mine more selectively in the spots I want that extra bit of glow instead of an all over face primer.  Ain’t nobody got time for all that forehead shimmer, though! Just kidding… but now that the weather is warming up, the dewy look will definitely be more seasonable so maybe I’ll try this one for a full face primer again once I’m feeling more of a spring in my step, lol.

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Ipsy March 2014-5377bareMinerals – Marvelous Moxie™ Lipstick in Get Ready – Appx. Value $7.50 / 0.05 g

This creamy, moisture rich, satin finish full sized bareMinerals lipstick is as all of their wonderful products are – infused with minerals. This is my first time trying one of their lipsticks so I was excited to check this out! It contains Abyssinian Oil, Omega Fatty Acids along with an antioxidant defense complex of vitamin A, C and E. Get Ready is a warm rosy pink shade with highly saturated color and a nice hydrating formula that glides on smoothly. It seems like it should be a good  color for Spring! I do usually tend towards cooler toned lips myself but this one is wearable and I love how moisturizing it feels with all those great oils in it!

While it was surprising to see only 4 products instead of the usual 5 this month – I’m still very happy with the bag, the products, and the value overall. If you are interested in giving Ipsy a try, please be sure to sign up here using my referral link!

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