jsq-smBonjour! Enchanté 😉 I don’t actually speak french but it just feels so right with the site title! Anyway I’m Jenni, a Photographer and Makeup Artist by day, and a Crafter, Subscription Box Junkie, and Health & Wellness Enthusiast by night.

My passions include art, holistic health, green beauty and a very wide range of other things. I’m an advocate of using natural products, and believe that living a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to happiness. I’ve been on a path of researching and reviewing all types of eco-friendly, organic, and non-toxic makeup, skincare and health products (while developing my own line of natural products) and in general I try a lot of different health, wellness, and beauty products.

I’ve decided to commit more to sharing my experiences here and will be covering a wide range of topics such as product reviews, tutorials, things that are inspiring me right now, and just day to day stuff more than anything. I tend to be very introverted and so this is a personal project I have taken on to just put myself out there a bit more.

This is the place where I can document my own successes and path to being as healthy, happy, and inspired as I possibly can be at all times. If that opens up an opportunity to radiate happiness and love into the world or to someone else, that would be a wonderful bonus so you are welcome to look around and enjoy some random bits of my world.

To learn more about me or get in touch with me please visit my Contact or FAQ & Disclosure pages.

Adieu! XOXO!

Jenni Sais Quoi

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