Au Courant

New year, new blog, new site. Decided to get one just for me – not sure what I’ll end up doing  with it yet which is the fun part. My boyfriend came up with this name for me on New Years Eve, as a matter of fact. Just a fun project to do for the year and a space to document things a little better than I would on social networks and such. 🙂

Today I’m enjoying some much needed Saturday quiet time. Listening to awesome ambient music by Woob and reading some delicious poetry at the moment…..basically anything but editing and fixing the computer as I’m very much over it. I’ll get back to working on those things this evening of course, and if my currently sleeping in the bedroom technical support guy doesn’t get everything fixed up tonight then I will figure it out my damn self. Lots of coffee to come I’m sure.

I’ve been frustrated and overwhelmed because I’ve gotten so behind on work, and felt like I wasn’t getting things done but I’m trying to just stay peaceful, do what I can and crack away at the projects that have been overwhelming me. The chips fall where they may, I’ll do my best and cross my fingers. Or actually probably cross my legs… I’m about do some yoga on my nifty new Chakra yoga mat (which I love!) – then I’ll be trekking out for a little photo walk while the snow is still falling. Hot bath, pampering, and that should make for a pretty perfect afternoon which is exactly what I need right now. Ready to take in some crisp quiet peaceful air and cozy up in my happy place.

Will definitely be writing more soon and for now most likely just be putting little snippets of whatever the hell I want here. Weeeeeee. Obviously it’s under construction at the moment and will have lots more CRAP on it soon. Enjoy!

Jenni Sais Quoi
Jenni is a photographer, herbalist, reiki master, certified yoga and meditation instructor; as well as an artist of many mediums. She muses at the world through a lens steeped in mindfulness, creativity, and compassion with the hope that her own journey and art inspire people to lead happier and healthier lives through conscious awareness, self acceptance, and mastering physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

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