Bulu Box Review – Feburary 2014

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febboxes-10Just got my first Bulubox – which was the February 2014 box. For those of you not familiar with Bulubox, it’s a monthly subscription vitamin and supplment sample box focused on health, nutrition, and weight loss products for $10 shipped per month. Each box contains 4-5 products and or samples for men and women which includes items such as “vitamins, weight loss, energy, protein, digestion, sleep support, fitness dvds, healthy food utensils, and more”. There are two box option choices as well – the regular Bulubox and the Bulubox for Weight loss. I got the weight loss box which had an approximate retail value of $43.25 this month. It contained the following items:

  • Full Size – 30 day diet dietary supplement (60 veggie capsules)
  • 1 pack – power crunch proto whey ultraburn in vanilla cafe
  • 1 pack – Simple Being Nutrition Slimming Smoothie in Chocolate Truffle
  • 12 g sample – The Simply Bar – peanut butter chocolate.
  • 1 pack – Salba Smart Chia Seeds (.5 oz)

febboxes-8Everything comes in a cute orange box that is covered in different motivational sayings, and lots of different coupons and offers for other fitness related things along with your products. Absolutely small price to pay for what you get, and you certainly can’t put a value or price on getting a box of motivation to help keep you on track and helping you find new healthy things to incorporate into your lifestyle.

febboxes-11Simple Being Nutrition Slimming Smoothie in Chocolate Truffle – Appx. Value: $3.33
26g protein, 110 calories, 1 carb, 0 fat
This is gluten free and sweetend with stevia. It packs a lot of punch with 26g of protein, low calories, and almost no carbs or fat. Mine came in Chocolate Truffle flavor, which I’m excited to try and will report back on taste wise. The package says that it’s made without gluten, but that it’s not certified gluten free because of the fact that it’s made in a facility that produces products containing gluten.

febboxes-16Simply Bar – Appx. Value: $3.08
16g protein, 160 calories.
This 12g size sample bar touts the fact that its got only 12 ingredients. It doesn’t have the actual nutrition facts listed on the sample packaging, nor the actual ingredients, but the description of the product is as follows:

“Leave out high amounts of sugar to make room for more of the things your body needs…”

I got the Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor. It’s kind of like an extra dry chocolate flavored rice krispy treat. I can’t taste the Peanut Butter much except in the after taste a bit. One good thing about it is that it’s not too sweet, and the flavor it does have is good. Very neutral overall and wouldn’t buy it again myself.

febboxes-12Power Crunch Proto Whey Ultraburn  – Appx. Value: $1.85
18g protein, 130 calories, 7g carbs, 3.5g of fat
I got this in the Vanilla Cafe flavor.  This is a protein shake that also contains thermogenic ingredients which are said to be good for energy boosting, fat burning, and helps aid in muscle recovery.

Update: The package of this product I received had a best buy date of 11/13. If you got this flavor in your box as well, be sure to check your expiration date. Bulu Box has REALLY awesome customer service and definitely went way above and beyond to make it right – as did the Company that makes Power Crunch!

Also worth noting is that a best buy date isn’t the same as an expiration date, so according to Bulu Box the product they sent was still safe to drink.  I went ahead and drank it this morning and haven’t had any problems at all yet, nor do I anticipate any. The Vanilla Cafe flavor still tasted great, and I think it did give me a nice little energy boost as well. Definitely could see myself trying to use this drink for a coffee replacement, meal replacement, or to give my workouts a boost! I’ve got the chocolate flavor coming, so I can compare the two flavors once I get it.


febboxes-14Creative Bioscience 30 day diet – Appx. Value: $32.99
Received a full bottle of this with 60 caps – which by itself covers the value of the box three times over! I think it’s really awesome they sent a full size bottle with a 2 month supply – which is more than enough time to try the product and really know how it works for you! Creative Bioscience is supposed to have 10, 20, and 30 day diet options – so very cool to have gotten full 30 days rather than just 10!

One thing I liked about these right off the bat is that they are made with Veggie caps. As it happens, I’ve purchased a product very similar to these with Raspberry Ketones, African Mango, and Green Tea in it. I haven’t actually taken that consistently or for any long term period as a diet and can’t comment on how that may or may not work.

We’ve basically just ended up taking the pills we’ve got that are similar to these as an energy supplement to keep us awake when we’re overtired – and have used it like a “caffeine pill” that way with good success. The ones I had weren’t made with Veggie Caps, so my poor vegan boyfriend would open up the caps and take the powder straight, which was not pleasant for him to say the least. So, that’s one big improvement on this to the similar product I’d purchased that I can tell right away.

The bottle claims it’s designed to help you lose 1lb a day – which is a pretty impressive claim that I don’t think I’d necessarily hold my breath on, but would sure make them seem confident about the fact that the product works for weight loss. My boyfriend and I took some of it, and our first impressions are that it seemed to make us a bit jitterier than the other similar stuff that we’d been using. Will report more as we take more – otherwise seems fine so far and taking it definitely gave me a nice energy boost!

I love the fact that Bulubox sent me a product I’d picked out to try on my own – that definitely is a good sign that they may send products in the future I would already want to try and/or like. Of course since I have some of this already it’s not something I have any immediate need or use for, but all the same I think it’s cool. This being my first Bulubox, I was definitely pleased with the selection of products I got and the value of the box was terrific!
febboxes-13Salba Smart Chia Seed Pack – Appx. Value: $.93
Love the fact that these come in pre-made indivdual serving packets. Any added convenience factor to help me be healthy I am all over. At one point, I would actually measure out chia in little bags for this purpose so I had them to quickly grab for adding to meals, drinks, or bringing on the go. The Salba Chia packets are much larger of a serving than I’d give myself, so maybe I just wasn’t eating enough of them, but I can say pretty assuredly that the serving size of chia they give you is a very generous amount. Price wise, they’re supposed to sell for around $12.99 for (14) 0.5oz packets – which definitely seems like its a bit pricey – but again – being a fan of the convenience factor I think that can definitely be something worth paying for. This product is Vegan, Raw, and Gluten Free. It is not listed as organic however, which is one other thing worth noting.

febboxes-15Chosen Foods Meta Power – Appx. Value: $1.07
This is an all natural fiber supplement or “a therapeutic bioactive fiber blend drink stick” with natural extracts (hibiscus, nopal cactus powder, and agave inulin).

It comes in a convenient drink stick that you can just add to your water bottle – love that. It makes quite a few claims which include:

  • increases healthy gut bacteria
  • improves metabolism
  • improves digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • regulates blood sugar levels
  • reduces inflammation
  • aids weight control
  • supports immune system
  • promotes a healthy heart
  • aids detoxification
  • improves mental clarity

Will report back on taste when I try it!

Some other cool things about Bulubox: You can earn 50 points each month (worth $5 towards full size products you try in the Bulubox store) for sharing, taking sample surveys, and things like that on the website. You can look around and sometimes find coupon codes to try them out which really drop down the price of your box as well! I got my first 3 months of boxes for $15 – which is an ABSOLUTE STEAL and crazy for you NOT try. Even at the regular price it’s well worth it, and I intend on keeping my subscription if this month’s box was an indicator of the kind of stuff I’ll be getting!

Jenni Sais Quoi
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