Bulu Box Review – March 2014

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bulubox-march2014-1BuluBox is a monthly subscription vitamin and supplement sample box focused on health, nutrition, and weight loss products for $10 shipped per month.

Each box contains 4-5 products or samples for men and women which includes items such as vitamins, weight loss, energy, protein, digestion, sleep support, fitness dvds, healthy food utensils, and more. There are two box option choices as well – the Bulubox for nutirion and the Bulubox for Weight loss. I got the weight loss box which had an approximate retail value of $56.84 this month. It contained the following items:bulu2-1

  • K-Pax Energy
  • VanaPain PM
  • Rootology: Breathe Free
  • HAVVN GO Sticks
  • Nuvia Trim Coffee
  • Body Glove – Surge Chocolate Energy Gel

bulubox-march2014-4K-Pax Energy – Appx. retail value $22.48

This was essentially a full sized bottle of K-Pax energy supplement. Or half of a bottle, the regular size is 60 tablets and this was 30.  It’s cool to have your multivitamin and your energy boost combined in one product. Great to be putting some healthy things in your body along with getting your morning jolt. Even better is the fact that this baby contains no artificial ingredients and no sugar. It claims that you’ll have no jitters, no crash, and it even acts as a mood elevator. Definitely all things I’m looking for in the morning!!!

bulu2-2VanaPain PM – Appx. retail value $3.20

This strawberry flavored elixir is both a pain relief agent and a sleep aid combined into a single serving liquid “shot”. The formula is supposed to be non habit forming and is a blend of Choline Salicyate, which is supposed to have an onset FIVE times faster than asprin – so it should work 5x faster than your traditional pain reliever. The liquid delivery of Choline Salicyate also reduces common side effects of pain relievers and doesn’t set in the stomach like a tablet does.

bulubox-march2014-9HAVVN GO Sticks – Appx. retail value $2.16

How cool are these orange mango flavored drink mix sticks… THAT HELP SLOW AGING!? Perfect for dropping into a water bottle  on the go or keeping in your desk. They contain a blend of natural components and products like HAVVN Gene optimized nutrition that are meant to extend your youth throughout your life span. It’s got great anti-aging components like Tumeric, Goji Berry Extract, Coenzyme Q10 and Resveratrol!

bulubox-march2014-7Rootology: Breathe Free – Appx. retail value $1.90

This blend of concentrated herbal extracts work to provide relief from allergies and support nasal, sinus, and eye health. Contains Vitamin C & Vitamin D, along with cinnamon twig, angelica root, and xanthium fruit! Good for sneezing, runny n ose, congestion, itchy or watery eyes, and sinus pressure. Since I rarely have issues with allergies, I’ll probably pass these on to a friend to try.


bulubox-march2014-5Nuvia Trim Coffee – Appx. retail value $2.54

This is a yummy instant coffee product which helps weight loss and replaces your daily cup of regular coffee with this delicious blend of Green coffee bean, fat burning thermogenic Raspberry Ketone, African Mango, and Green Tea with ECGC. It helps to boost metabolism, promote appetite control, and support healthy after meal sugar levels. Powerful anti-oxidants combat stress at the cellular level, and keep your body energized to burn more fat. I had it with creamer and thought it tasted great  and seemed to give me a comparable buzz to regular coffee.If you drink a lot of coffee, choosing an option like this with other help benefits is most certainly the way to go!!!! The instant packets would be very convenient for keeping at work or places where you don’t have access to a coffee maker, too!

bulubox-march2014-10Body Glove – Surge Chocolate Energy Gel – Appx. retail value $2.09

This is an all natural energy gel designed by the popular sports brand and wet suit company Body Glove. It’s got a nice dose of 150mg of caffeine in an 80 calorie serving. It’s also got Green Tea, Honey, Protein Powder, high antioxidant fruits, polyphenol, and coconut water. Conveniently packaged for easy consumption before or during your work out. Increases mental focus and boosts the immune system, too!  Lots of caffeine in a low calorie dose with great natural ingredients!!! Excited to give this a shot!

bulubox-march2014-11Some other cool things about Bulubox: You can earn 50 points each month (worth $5 towards full size products you try in the Bulubox store) for sharing, taking sample surveys, and things like that on the website. You can sometimes find coupon codes to try them out fpr half price which really drops down the price of your box as well! Even at the regular price it’s well worth it.

bulubox-march2014-3If you’re interested in giving BuluBox a try, please be sure to sign up using my referral link here.

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