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Summertime {Musical Mondays}

I found the most awesome cover of the classic tune Summertime as sung by the late great Janis Joplin. I was blown away that I had never heard her version of this! Not only is it the best cover of this song I’ve heard but she really makes it her own. Not an easy feat for a song that has been covered 438947238943728 times. I’m not even going to say any more on it – I’ll just let the psyhedelic guitar riffs do the rest of the talking for me on this one. Enjoy!!!


Kiesza – Hideaway {Musical Mondays}

Oh musical Monday, how I missed you and how you always get me groovin. This week we’re listening to Hideaway by Kiesza. This is perfect for those of you recovering from hiding out during your romantic Valentine’s Day weekends. Or perhaps those of you recovering from national breakup day yesterday – LOL! You can get down with this one either way. It’s a fun house song thats got a bit of an old school flair that makes you want to move. Hope you guys love it as much as I do!


Fangs (Musical Monday}

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone! Wouldn’t you know here we are at the beginning of another week, too. Today’s Musical Monday pick is Fangs by She Keeps Bees. Only recently found out about She Keeps Bees and I just love their sound! Fangs has a beautiful and haunting melody. The lead singer reminds me a lot of Cat Power, which is a testament in itself. Just “feeling” this one in general at the moment. Hopefully you will too!


Follow Me – If You Leave {Musical Monday}

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Follow Me – If You Leave

My boyfriend found this great mix and wanted me to check it out, so I can’t take the credit for finding Follow Me – If you Leave… which is this weeks Musical Monday pick.  Available as a free download here. It’s basically a ‘chill wave’ cover of Smokey Robinson’s classic song Being with you. My guy didn’t know about the original at all, so maybe I’m showing my age here but this is the type of stuff I grew up on. Follow Me did a great job adding a nice fresh modern twist on the mix. Can’t listen to either version without singing along, just love it on so many levels that if you don’t get it- than I ain’t even gonna ‘spain it any further than that. Just listen 😉

In other news, speaking of my love, we got our first fantasy box in the mail today! The lingerie they sent was cute, you can’t see much in the sneak peek below but there will be a review with better pictures coming on that soon (get your minds out of the gutter, it won’t be THAT detailed of a review lol). Other reviews coming soon will be Ipsy and Birchbox – they both revealed the previews today of what will be coming in the boxes so you can see the sneak peek of my March Ipsy Bag and Birchbox here. Post a comment with what you’re getting if you peeked already!!!


Also got a wonderful package today from the folks that make Power Crunch Proto Whey Ultraburn on befalf of Bulu Box as compensation for the issue with their box last month – and they are amazing! They sent me a big full size version of the Power Crunch Proto Whey Ultraburn in Chocolate Creme along with samples of Mestrength live elavated electrolytes & creatine in lemon lime, headache relief to go powder in lemon lime, edible green tea from, AEN LIV supplement, and celsius outrageous orange drink mix. May decide to review these once I’ve tried them all. Love the Chocolate Creme flavor of the Ultraburn – so far that and the Vanilla Cafe are both delish but I’m happy with my choice on the chocolate because I could definitely drink this every morning. Does seem to give a nice little energy boost too. 

… Oh yeah…and always, if you want to join in on the fun for Musical Monday’s here’s the spot:


Sons of winter & stars {Musical Monday}

Today’s music Monday pick is called Sons of winter & stars from a talented metal band called Wintersun. If you’ve been itching from some pretty metal, or you didn’t think metal could be pretty at all – then this is your lucky day. Keeping it short and sweet this week so no extra mentions or updates because the only important thing you need to do is check out this awesome song!

And as always if you’d like to participate in Musical Mondays as well, be sure to check out this link:

They awoke to the scent of spring – {Musical Monday}

Today’s Musical Monday pick is from an ambient black metal album by Lustre called they awoke to the scent of spring

It’s soft enough so that people who don’t like metal could easily listen to it….and probably way too soft for the majority of actual metal heads. Hadn’t heard of these guys before this past week – but my boyfriend liked them so much he’s been getting the rest of their stuff so I’ll be checking ALL of it out hehe. I think they’ve got a real cool sound and love the fact they are doing something a little different.

I’ve got a handful of albums to get me through this weeks editing including: Headspace’s I Am Anonymous, Bonobo’s The North Borders, Janelle Monáe – The Electric Lady, Lady Gaga’s Artpop, and Red Hot Chili Peppers – I’m With You. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in having any of those reviewed!

What are you guys listening to this week?


Drift {Musical Monday}

Today’s pick for Musical Monday is:

Alina Baraz – Drift (Prod. by Galimatias)

Loving all the different musical elements and stuff here. I think the vocals have a neat serene quality while maintaining a nice level of energy. Basically… I’m just jamming out on it over here tonight. Hope you all enjoy it too!

The other albums I’ll be checking out during my editing session are:

  • Garbage – Not your kind of people <<<< uhhhhhh can you guys believe Garbage has a new album?!? Well new in 2012 but relatively – still. So curious to hear how their sound has evolved… should be interesting anyway!
  • Snoop Lion – ReincarnatedI’m sure I’ve heard one of the tracks from this but never sat down and gave it a listen so finally will be giving that a shot tonight. While smoking an Indica strain called ‘God’ bud hehehe 😉 Parttttty over here, mon.
  • A Perfect Circle – Stone and Echothis one was recorded live at Red Rocks!!!?! ugh. Excited to hear it.

You guys know the drill, if you’d like any of those albums reviewed more in depth next week just let me know!

Had a quiet day of working and a much needed afternoon nap after an all nighter on Sunday.  Was the perfect day for it – it’s been snowing and freezing here. Will be spending the evening with Bogey and getting some working done for the night… and pretty much doing it all over again. Weeeeeeee.

Hoping to get a set finished up at least by tomorrow sometime, which will be very nice. Crossing my fingers and a BIG pot of coffee on that. Probably won’t be doing much more than a bit of yoga, meditating, and relaxing. My sweetheart DID clean all the ice off my car for me too, how sweet!!!! Speaking of which I gotta cut this short and run up the street before things close up in a few.

Got a cool Moonstone ring in the mail today, too – which I am wearing right now and loving. Also got a stick of sage, and the teeniest cutest little bell.It was funny about the sage, because I had no idea I was out and ordered some on a whim, then ended up realizing right afterwards I was out and finishing off what I had – yay intuition! Oh and my boyfriend liked the bell so much he hung it up in the kitchen to ring to the let the cat know when it’s time to eat in the morning. I hope someone else finds this as hilarious as I do. Didn’t even care that he done jacked my bell and turned it into a cat attack inducing weapon…. psh.

Oh yeah…so now that I got totally off track and rambled… back to that whole Musical Monday thing! If you’d like to join in on the fun go here:

Happy Martin Luther King Day + “Black Skinhead” {Musical Monday}

Even though I’m very much not a fan of Kanye West, I heard the production on his new album was really good and so I’m giving it a run through tonight while I’m up working. I’m sure I won’t be able to bear listening to the entire thing straight through but it’s got a couple catchy tunes on it at least. He works with some Reggae artists and Daft Punk too.

‘Black Skinhead’ and ‘Blood on the Leaves’ are probably my favorite tracks. ‘I’m in it’ and ‘I am a God’ both have those Reggae elements, and so those aren’t terrible either if you’re into that type of thang.   Being Martin Luther King day, however – Black Skinhead is probably the most appropriate choice so we’ll go with that for today’s pick…  SEO be damned lol. Seriously though, this has got a super fun melody and is worth a listen for sure. By far my favorite out of the whole ‘Yeezus’ album.

The other albums I’ll be checking out on this most melodious Monday night:

  • The Knife – Shaking the Habitual
  • The Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania
  • Julia Holter – Ekstasis

As always – If you’d be interested in having any of these albums reviewed next week just let me know in the comments!!

Oh and I’m sure you all know how this works by now but if not and you want to join in on the musical Musical Monday fun here’s the spot:

Beautiful Pain {Musical Monday}

Checked out a few new albums this weekend…one of which was Eminem’s – The Marshall Mathers LP2. His last few albums have all been hit and miss, but I think this one is pretty good overall. Definitely worth a listen if you’re a fan of him. Today’s song will be from CD 2 of that album – the track is called Beautiful Pain Featuring Sia. I like that it’s got a positive overall message mixed in with the typical Slim Shady style Angst. Granted, as a pyro anything with metaphors about flames gets me! 😉

In other musical news The Strokes new album Comedown Machine is alright too – the vocals are so much different than ever. So far I think ‘Tap Out’ is my favorite track from it. Liking the new sound though for the most part – which is surprising considering it doesn’t have any more of the ‘rock’ feel. At all. So a little too soft and bubblegummy at some points for my tastes but we’ll see. I’ll have to give it another listen sometime when I’m not pulling an all nighter, like last night. XD

For tonight’s editing session, I’ll be checking out the following albums:

  • Washed out – Paracosm
  • Killer Mike and El-P – Run the Jewels
  • Kurt Ring – Smoke Ring for my Halo.

If anyone would be interested in having any of these albums reviewed in next weeks Musical Monday post, leave me a comment and let me know!

And as always if you’d like to participate in Musical Mondays as well, be sure to check out this link:

Midnight Facial

Trying out a few samples of Mychelle Dermaceuticals products tonight. Checking out the Mychelle Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser, Mychelle Incredible Pumpkin Peel, Mychelle Serious Hyaluronic Firming Serum, Mychelle Perfect C Serum, and the Mychelle Pumpkin Renew cream. Will post more about them later because my boyfriend is scolding me for not working on photos but the long and short of it is I LOVE THEM ALL. I’ll probably wait until I use up all the samples so I can give a more comprehensive review. But myohmy I needed a little tea time with Mychelle.

Having Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea with Raw Honey and a Cinnamon Stick and listening to a nice relaxing album called Power Animals & Native Nights – Native American Indian Meditation. Ordered a couple subscription boxes yesterday – have a bit of an addiction to them brewing. We got LootCrate & VeganCuts Snack Box last month – which both were awesome and have really started something. I’ve got an IPSY Glam Bag on the way, and then ordered an Eco Emi Box, Bulu Box & a CannaPack yesterday. Will definitely be ordering more and trying lots of those out – I have no idea how I didn’t jump on these things before now…they are RIGHT UP my alley. Excited to get them. Anyway time for me to get back to work. Here’s to having a productive day and sexy glowing skin!!

"There are times when we stop, we sit still. We listen and breezes from a whole other world begin to whisper."― James Carroll