E.L.F. Mystery Bag Review

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elfmysterybagmar2014-2Eyes Lips Face (or ELF) had a deal recently where if you spent $20 on their website, they would throw in a Mystery Bag of items worth $23. They also were giving away 10 of those mystery bags with a $50 gift card, so overall an excellent deal and value for your money.  This was just a 1-day deal that they offered, but they have these Mystery bag deals come up from time to time and it seems they always have a different variety of fun things!

I got my bag yesterday and here’s what was in my Mystery Bag:

elfmysterybagmar20142014Geometric 32 piece eye palette – II Addition (Appx Value $6)

This is a little neutral 32 piece palette with cute geometrically patterned pans in the II Addition version. I have so much eyeshadow that I wasn’t overjoyed to see the palette in my bag, but they are definitely all usable neutral colors and it’s got a nice variety of colors which I do actually like and are great for every day wear. It’s got some whites, blacks, lots of mainly warm browns, some nudes, pinks, greens, and even a bit of gray, dark purple, and navy. All of the colors have a bit of shimmer to them. They are not highly pigmented shadows and just one swipe goes on pretty light but are buildable.

Here are swatches of the palette, though the lighting isn’t great:


Mineral Blush – Rose (Appx Value $5)

Not sure I would have picked this color out for myself, it’s a bit warmer than I usually wear but it paired great with a red lip today and its actually a nice color on, and applies nice and smooth! Love that it’s a mineral blush of course, and it has no parabens, preservaties, or chemical dyes! YAY!

Elf Studio Makeup Mist & Set (Appx Value $3)

Can’t speak for how well this works, but it’s got some yummy ingredients. This moisture mist & set is supposed to help keep your makeup in place and improve wearability, prevent running, and fading. Has Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber, and Vitamin A, C, & E. Alcohol free.

Angled Blush Brush (Appx Value $3)

A new item from their studio line with the angled edge for more control and better sculpting. Can use with creme, liquid, or powder. Can always use extra brushes!

Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick – Tiki Torches (Appx Value $2)
This isn’t a terrible color per say, it’s a warm coral tone with gold flecks in it. Probably my least favorite color of the lip gloss sticks that ELF has available, and it’s too orangey to wear alone with my complexion. It’s not terribly glossy at all for being called a gloss stick, much more glittery than glossy. I think the gold glitter might pair or blend nicely with another lipstick so I may end up liking it for that. Have to experiment with it more!

Brightening Eye Liner Pencil – Black (Appx Value $1)
This is their standard gel-powder formulation pencil liner. Not sure if I’ve tried these before or not, but for the price I don’t have high expectations. It is always good to have a black pencil around though. Will have to report back on how black the black is and how smooth it goes on. Those are the two areas I will be surprised if this value liner holds up on.

Nail Polish in Lilac (Appx Value $2)
I actually already had this color, so this will be set aside for a gift/giveaway but it is in their new formla, which I haven’t tried yet. It’s a nice muted purple color thats office appropriate and neutral enough to pair nicely with other colors easily.

Super Glossy Lip Shine – Pink Kiss (Appx Value $1)
Already have one these, too – so will end up gifting or giving this one away. It’s a pretty standard, high gloss, sheer pink.

And here are the items I bought – you had to spend $20 to get the mystery bag and my items totaled $21:


Matte Lip Color – Rich Red ($3) – Well this certainly leaves something to be desired in the Matte department, in my opinion. It’s a decent bluish red and the formula does seem long lasting and seems to fade fairly evenly which is good in a red. Not bad overall, but not a wow either.

Essential Lipstick – Fearless ($1)- This lipstick arrived broken, but it’s also a more bluish red and not to dissimilar from the Rich Red from what I could tell. The Rich Red stick is easier to apply and of course, having arrived all in one piece, is clearly the more durable option and one I’d recommend between the two. May post up a swatch comparison at some point!

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen – Black ($2) – They didn’t have they’re regular eyeliner pen in so I got this instead. Don’t actually like these much AT ALL, but it’s always good to have a new pen handy for a backup or for shoots and I suppose with the weather warming up soon it’s good to have a waterproof option around.

Acne Fighting Foundation – Ivory ($6) – So I got a couple different foundation formulas of ELF’s to try out in this haul. Never used their foundation before but decided to give this one a shot because I kept hearing about how great Clinique’s Acne fighting foundation is, and I didn’t want to spend the money on it at the moment so this is seemed like a nice cheap alternative.  In addition to being titled the same it’s also packaged in a very similar bottle so I think it’s safe to say this is ELF’s version of that product. It’s got Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel, Camphor, Tea Tree and Aloe in it. Will report back on it once I’ve used it more, but I tried it on once and was surprised at how much coverage it provided. It’s a real thick formula, which I suppose makes sense for covering up acne.  Would be concerned about it possibly drying up my skin in winter – so might not use it much until spring hits. I definitely don’t think you’d need any concealer with this stuff it covers that well. I’ve been using BB Cream, and so for those of you that prefer light formula foundations this would probably be a bit heavy for you. So far I like it though, it’s a thin enough formula that it doesn’t look cakey or anything. Love that it has tea tree and worst case scenario will be nice to have on hand for when I get a break out!

Studio Moisturizing Stick Foundation – Ivory ($6) – The stick formula looks slightly lighter to me than the liquid Acne Fighting foundation… and while it’s rare for my vampire skin to meet it’s match, it may even be a hair TOO light for me. I was testing it in poor lighting, however – so its hard to say for sure. My initial impressions are that I liked the Acne fighting foundation better- the coverage on this stuff just didn’t seem to stick to my skin as well. Have to use it more and in better conditions to say for sure but as it stands I’m doubting I’d buy this one again. I am usually a fan of stick foundations because they’re so convenient for throwing on a fast face – and this one has anti-oxidants and anti-aging additives including Shea, Vitamin E, Cocoa, Grape, Avocado, Macadamia, and Aloe… so will give it another shot because I like all the yummy stuff in there AND I think my skin may have been feeling temperamental as a result of it SNOWING here again today (boo!)

Tone Correcting Powder ($3): Decent stuff, I like to keep some of this on hand. Having the little compact of tone correcting powders is convenient and this stuff works decently for an overall face powder as well (although a bit powdery and probably too light for those with any pigmentation in their skin at all – I just don’t happen to have any so I can pull it off). They’ve got a newer warmer tone correcting pallette with just blue and yellow and some neutrals as well that I’ll have to try which may fix some of the lightness you get with these pastel colored shades.

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