Ipsy Bag Review – January 2014 (19 Reasons)


Received my January 2014 Ipsy bag yesterday and here’s what I got:

  • Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil in Pearl
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask
  • Nourish Organic Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion
  • MicaBeauty Tinted Lip Balm in Fiesta
  • Proactiv+ Mark Fading Pads (4 single packets)

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil in Pearl
Super smooth gel eyeliner pencil. I love the fact that it’s waterproof. It’s got a good amount of shimmer and a nice creamy formula, too. Looking at it, it’s hard to tell if it will sharpen because the pencil itself looks completely plastic. Luckily, it does sharpen!

It’s a smaller pencil at about 3 inches long. In looking over the bags before mine arrived, I’d hoped for the penny color as I have a thing for gold liner – but decided I like the pearl and am glad I got it because it’s so much more versatile and wearable with lots of looks. Love it for the inner corner and the waterline, especially. Think carrying along in your purse for contouring touch ups is a great idea as well – so definitely will use this!

Full-sized, 1.5 gram, pencils are $15 so this 0.7 gram sample is worth about $6.50. Also, you can get a free Raven Smooth Shadow Pencil with EVERY product purchased on elizabethmott.com with code IPSYSMOOTH. Expires 3/1/14

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask
Obviously, I love that this hair mask has no parabens, silicones, or phthalates. What it does contain is LOTS of great stuff like Rosehip, avocado, almond & argan oils, vitamins B5, D, A, aloe, keratin protein, and more. Has a nice smell – can pick up notes of the aloe mixed in with a coconut smell. Haven’t used it yet but will update here on how I liked it when I do! Unfortunately, with me having hair that goes down to my ass… I’ll be lucky to get more than 1 use out of this – so hopefully it works REALLY well.

A full-sized 5.25 oz tub it worth $26, this 1 oz sample is worth $5. Also, you can get 20% off any purchase at briogeohair.com with code IPSYJAN14. Expires 2/15/14

Nourish Organic Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion
So far I’ve only tested this once, but I like it already. It’s got Moroccan Argan oil, Rosewater, and Shea butter. It’s USDA-certified organic and 100% natural. It’s alcohol-free and fragrance-free too – nonetheless It’s got a nice enough floral smell to it… not too strong but definitely pronounced. The light weight formula is good for oily skin. Doesn’t leave any greasy feeling at all. However, I was very surprised to find that that left my skin with a most unexpected ‘firming’ type of feeling unusual for a moisturizer. Also, I’ve read reports about the smell on these products seeming to go rancid quickly and there being reports of it smelling bad, so that would be one thing to watch out for.

A full bottle, 1.7 oz, is worth $22, so this 0.5 oz sample is worth about $6.40.

MicaBeauty Tinted Lip Balm in Fiesta
This product is basically full sized and comes in a pot with a twist off cap. In reviewing the upcoming bag items for this month, I thought the fiesta color was the one I’d want between the 2 available colors on this. It looks like a VERY wearable color in the pot – and maybe for some of you it is but it looks ABSOLUTELY heinous on me.  That might just my pale vampiric coloring. I do generally pull off pinks pretty well though if I do say so myself, hmph. My boyfriend RARELY says a makeup color isn’t working on me – but when I tried this on he was adamant about it just not looking good. I imagine if I’d have ended up with the natural color it wouldn’t have been as bad. It looks like a cooler more muted pink in the pot, but a much bolder hot pink on.

I’ve tried doing just the tiniest amount to layering it on to try to the make the color work – the formula is VERY highly pigmented… so much so that the color isn’t really buildable like that. It’s not sticky at all, which some people will appreciate – but it’s also not moisturizing at all either. Certainly seems to be more of a lip stain than a lip balm. It almost feels powdery when you put it on, so not a fan of the texture either. I need chapstick every time I’ve tried to put even the tiniest amount on. Was surprised I disliked this product as much as I did. Hopefully the color looks good on my niece because I definitely won’t use it! Does seem like the color is long lasting, so that would be the one good thing I could say about it for someone that’s into bright hot pink Cyndi Lauper lips. Kiss

The full-sized 5 gram containers cost $30, this is 4 grams so this should retail for about $24. Which is crazy overpriced, in my opinion. If you are interested in getting it though, you can get 45% off any purchase at micabeauty.com with code IPSY45. Expires 2/28/14. US only.

Proactiv+ Mark Fading Pads (4 single packets) I haven’t tried these yet, nor have I used proactiv+ before – but I’ve heard good things so will try them…though they don’t add much value to the bag. I’m sure 4 pads won’t be enough to fade any marks, either. It seems like this type of product would require more consistent use. Also, if you got these too prepare for them to burn badly as there’s been a LOT of people complaining about that. If you’ve got painful or sore acne it sounds like you might want to steer clear. In any case they are supposed to remove dead skin cells to unclog pores and fade away dark post acne marks as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores.

The Mark Fading Pads are part of the Proactiv+ Complete Kit along with the Eye Brightening Serum and new 3-step System: Skin Smoothing Exfoliator, Pore Targeting Treatment and Complexion Perfecting Hydrator for $39.95 a month. Not quite sure how that would break down for retail on these sample packets – so you guys will have to do the math on that one!

Otherwise, the bag is a decent enough quality, and is a nice blue color but I’m not a fan of the pattern myself. I’ll get use out of it anyway for keeping samples in but I’m just not real into the cityscape of skincare bottles much to bring this out where anyone would see it. And it’s true that the inside of the bag does smell like plastic.

If I estimate the bag itself at about a $2 value, that would put the total retail value on this month’s bag at around $43.90. I’d say it wasn’t their best, and I’m not overly excited about any of the prouducts – but for the $10 I still feel the value is there and I’ll be keeping my subscription. I personally was hoping they wouldn’t send me hair products either but I’m not sure if that’s something that can be avoided regardless of the options on the quiz that I select. Would rather have there be a good variety of different types of products in the bags than not, anyway.

If you’re interested in giving Ipsy a try, be sure to sign up using my referral code!

What did you think of this month’s Ipsy bag? Leave me a comment and let me know what you got in your January bag!

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