Ipsy Bag Review – February 2014 {The Look of Love}

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  • Eyetini Cordial Creme Shadow + Base by Tini Beauty – Violette
  • Plump Pout Mini  Lip Gloss by Pop Beauty – Fuscia Freesia
  • J.cat Beauty – Eyelashes – EL05
  • Skyn Iceland – Fresh Start Mask with ice age mud
  • Zoya Nail Polish – Dot

Approximate Total Retail Value: $53.49

(plus 4 out of 5 of these products were full sized!)

ipsy-feb2014-3Got my Ipsy bag nice and early this month! The bag itself is plain but cute. It’s a hot pink color with white zippers and a pink and white cheetah patterned lining.

ipsy-feb2014-5Eyetini Cordial Creme Shadow + Base in one by Tini Beauty – Violette –  FULL SIZE! Appx. Value $18

Gorgeous shimmery cool violet color. Extremely wearable! Love that it works as a base on it’s own in addition to being a good base for other colors. Violette is said to be an IPSY exclusive color, but it would appear it’s available for purchase on the tini beauty website, so perhaps not entirely exclusive after all.

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ipsy-feb2014-10Plump Pout Mini Lip Gloss by POP Beauty – Fuscia Freesia – Appx. Value $16

I was not excited to see yet ANOTHER bright pink in my box this month – however I was pleasantly surprised. Unlike last months overly pigmented hot mess, this lip gloss formula is light, non sticky, and fantastic. It’s nice that this is sheer enough to give you good control over the amount of pinkness – making it a wearable shade. I didn’t notice an extreme plumping effect, but it did seem to give me a bit of a plump from the lip plumping peptides it mentions (from yummy avocado & jojoba oils!) I wouldn’t have noticed it (and didn’t) until reading that it was supposed to be plumping. Seems like a good middle of the road plumping product for those who might be interested in a plump but don’t like some of the extreme tingly effects or pronounced effects of other plumping glosses on the market.

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ipsy-feb2014-12J.cat Beauty False Eyelashes – EL05 – FULL SIZE! -Appx. Value $3.99

This seems to be one of the most common differences in the Ipsy Bags this month. Everyone in my “circle” of Ipsy friends checks in on facebook each month as their bags arrives, and we all got the exact same bag with just different styles of eyelashes this month…so it would seem there wasn’t as much differentiation this month overall but this could just be coincidence too.

I do really like the style I got which are nice and thick with length variations all over but pretty traditional looking. I like that they are made out of human hair also. Beyond that I haven’t worn them yet, and like to keep stocks of new eyelashes available for photoshoots – so these will likely end up in that collection unless I can find another reason for wanting to look extra fancy in the meantime. The EL05 style I got is definitely wearable with any look though. Overall a definite win! The package does come with a latex-free glue too, which I haven’t tested out.

Receive 25% off any purchase at jcatbeauty.com with code eyeluvjcat at checkout.

 ipsy-feb2014-11Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud by Skyn Iceland – Appx. Value $6.50

Haven’t tried this single use packet yet, but for being a one time use thing at least it’s got some exotic sounding ingredients like blue clay and ice age mud. And by ice age mud, we are talking 13,000 year old oxygenating mud from the Ice Age – so its serious business in that regard. I also think it’s cool that it comes with 2 separate parts, it’s rare to see a mask that includes an activating gel – so that’s pretty neat. You’re supposed to put the clay on first, and then apply the gel separately over the top at which point the two are said to “effervesce” – which sounds either fun or interesting. Apparently you just massage the two parts together on your face into a warming foam at that point. Will be trying it out this weekend! After seeing that 6 of these priced at $39.00 I’m glad I got it. And breakouts be damned – all I can say is putting 13,000 year old mud on my face has GOT to do something EPIC!?!!?

Update:  it did do something epic. It burned the crap out of my skin (which is generally on the sensitive side, so it could just me…).  The mask felt fine when it was on, but my skin felt irritated and burned when I removed it – and it made a blemish I had on my face scab over so it was not just like. a slight burning sensation.  I may have used too much activator, or left it on too long as I took a bath with it and so it did sit on my face longer than 10 minutes. If you’ve got sensitive skin be cautious of using too much of the activator, letting it sit on too long, and you may even want to consider doing a patch test because my face didn’t feel right for a day or two after using this!

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 Zoya Nail Polish – Dot – Appx. Value $9

ipsy-feb2014-7I’m excited to try this one! I’ve heard a lot of great things about Zoya polishes but have never tried one before! I got a pale pink shade called Dot, which is plain but nice enough and wearable. Would have preferred the Odette color personally, but that’s alright. This stuff is SUPPOSED to last longer than OPI polish – so just being able to test that theory out makes me happy. Will be sure to let you guys how I like it once I give it a try!

Buy any 2 Zoya Polishes get 1 FREE Zoya Polish and FREE Zoya Remover at zoya.com using code: IPSYZP4 at checkout.

In case you missed it on my Birchbox review, here’s a quick look I did using a couple products from this months Ipsy bag along with a couple products from last months Birchbox!

Feb 2014 Birchbox vs Ipsy LookWearing: Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Eternal Marine, Cynthia Rowley Liquid Eyeliner, Pop Beauty Lip Gloss in Fuscia Freesia, and Eyetini Shadow Tint in Violette.

And lastly, even though I have yet to receive my February Birchbox, after reviewing the products I’ll be getting on the website I can definitely say Ipsy’s February bag beat out the February Birchbox in value for me this month. Will have that review coming soon!

What did you get in your February Ipsy bag!?

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