Shea Butter Beauty Tips

ecoemi-march2014-5There are so many great ways you can use Shea Butter for Beauty, Healing, and Medicinal Purposes. Many of you may have received a large bag of Shea Butter with your Eco Emi boxes this month, so I thought I’d post up some Ideas for using them!

Tonight I busted open the Shea Butter they sent in my box and used it to make some lip balms, lotion bars, bath melts, and shea butter sticks with different oil blends for all purpose use.  I’m loving using it as a curl definer and frizz tamer in my hair, too! So many great options that hopefully you’ll explore some new ways to incorporate this amazing product into your beauty routine.

Here are some ideas:

  • Massage into dry, cracked or chapped skin in need of moisture. Great for treating dry patches on elbows, knees & heels.
  • Massage into hair and scalp for a deep conditioning treatment.
  • Mix with essential oils to create your own moisturizer blend.
  • Apply on hands, nails and cuticles for softening.
  • Use as a lip balm for dry and chapped lips and also as a lip plumper.
  • Use around hairline before color application to protect skin from staining.
  • Use for grooming and setting eyebrows by brushing a small amount on them to keep them in place in all day.
  • Use as a soother to calm dry itchy skin after a day in the sun at the beach or the pool.
  •  Apply on fading scars and burns to help them heal.
  • Use on roots of fine hair to boost volume.
  •  Drop a few tablespoons in bathwater for extra moisturizing.
  • Mix with your everyday hair conditioner for a deeper, more nourishing treatment.
  • Mix with a little bit of blush for an instant, super-moisturizing, non-sticky matte lipstick.
  • Apply a layer on pressure points before spraying your perfume to achieve longer-lasting fragrance.
  • Use under concealer to smooth out makeup application over blemishes.
  • Use as a backup moisturizing balm when you run out of eye cream or eye serum.
  • Use on nails and cuticles for stronger, shiny, healthy-looking nails.
  • Use for soothing razor burn.
  • Apply on eyelashes instead of mascara for natural definition and/or eyelash conditioning.
  • Apply before body glitter to make your shimmer hold better. 
  • Drop a few tablespoons in hot bath water for a moisturizing soak.
  • Use to tame frizzy hair and define curls.
  • Use as a simple yet effective anti-aging balm as it aides in cellular renewal for the prevention of wrinkles.
  • Use around the lips before lipstick to prevent color from bleeding.
  • Make your makeup multitask by mixing shea butter with a powder blush for a creamy cheek color.

Oh, and I may have to do a more detailed post about those bath melts and lotion bars I made as well because they are AWESOME. I will definitely be making more of them soon – they make my skin feel so silky and amazing!!! Be sure to leave a comment if you’d be interested in getting tutorials for them!

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Jenni Sais Quoi
Jenni is a photographer, herbalist, reiki master, certified yoga and meditation instructor; as well as an artist of many mediums. She muses at the world through a lens steeped in mindfulness, creativity, and compassion with the hope that her own journey and art inspire people to lead happier and healthier lives through conscious awareness, self acceptance, and mastering physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

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