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Now that the holidays are over, obviously we’re all strapped for cash. I was putting together a list for a family member who needs some extra money right now, and thought I’d post it here for everyone. We could all use a little extra spending money sometimes so ya never know when this might come in handy! Here goes:

You can get paid like $400 a month for just driving around with ads on your car. You basically sign up and wait for advertisers that have stuff they want to advertise in your area so that part can take some time. Sometimes you can even get a car to drive around in though, so certainly worth checking out! Here are a couple links to try:


Amazon mechanicalturk allows you to do small tasks on the computer from home with the freedom to choose your own hours. Looks like a great way to earn extra money, though I haven’t tried it myself yet. Seems well worth checking out though, Amazon always has good programs.


Mystery shopping can be a great way to get paid for going out to eat and shopping at local places.  The pay is supposed to range from $12-15 per assignment plus you can get comped for meals and small purchases which sometimes may be things you’d have been buying anyway. Here’s a good list of Mystery Shopping companies:


Other ideas for sidejobs:

Furniture Updating
Upcycled furniture is all the rage today, but some people simply don’t have the time to spray paint and decoupage old pieces to give them new life. Retirees could upgrade old pieces of furniture and sell them online or locally, or offer their services for custom furniture upgrades. A girl I went to school with said she always gets furniture off the free section of craigslist, paints it, and then turns around and sells it. Great idea.

Renting Extra Space
Maybe you don’t really want to have a job, but have extra space in your home that you don’t need. Consider taking on a renter in your spare room or basement.

Elder Care
If you’re still healthy and mobile yourself, consider spending time with older folks who need help with everyday activities. Elder care can involve basics like running errands or giving a shut-in some regular company, or more involved activities like basic hygiene and nursing. Either way, this can be a fulfilling option.

Dog Walking
Walking dogs is a great way to stay fit, and many working individuals and families simply don’t have time to give their pets the exercise they need. Dog walkers can charge $15 to $25 an hour, per dog. (Maybe you could network with the groomer lady up the street?)

If you love growing fruit and vegetables, consider selling your extra produce at farmer’s markets. Heirloom produce is in high demand right now. Another option is to grow perennials that need to be split each year. Each time you split your plants, you can sell the extras to aspiring gardeners.

Participate in focus groups – local ones will pay more, Here in Colorado a quick google search for focus groups turned up with:


but there are places online you can get paid for opinions as well such as:


(lots of scam sites online for market research sites, so be careful which ones you sign up for and check resources like SurveyPolice.com to check reviews on questionable sites!)

Even more ideas include donating blood/plasma, babysitting, pawn shops, recycling, metal scrapping, sperm donation, temp agencies/jobs,  or selling handmade goods on sites like Etsy.com

Care.com is an online caregiving destination that can help you find part-time gigs for many types of jobs listed here – so that site and others like it would also be a great resource.

Also be sure to check out Rat Race Rebellion for a comprehensive list of work at home job opportunities.

If you have any other ideas or experiences with good ways to make some cash on the side, please share them in the comments!

Jenni Sais Quoi
Jenni is a photographer, herbalist, reiki master, certified yoga and meditation instructor; as well as an artist of many mediums. She muses at the world through a lens steeped in mindfulness, creativity, and compassion with the hope that her own journey and art inspire people to lead happier and healthier lives through conscious awareness, self acceptance, and mastering physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.


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  1. Great article! I put together a full list of all the focus group facilities in Denver; http://denver.helpingoutamerica.com/paid-focus-groups-denver/.

    I also put together a ton of information for people who may need help with finding low cost health clinics, food banks, and how to apply for government assistance. Check it out if you’d like, would love your feedback! I’ve put a lot of time and energy in putting the site up, but it’s a labor of love! 🙂

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