Weekly Highlights

Haven’t gotten a chance to post much this week – but here are a few fun things that I’ve been up to:

-Someone in my parking lot paid it forward and scraped my whole car off for me yesterday! It was kind of weird because they were just sitting in the parking lot for awhile it seemed like, standing out there by my car. Eventually I noticed them scraping it off, and then shortly thereafter they got into their own car and drove off! So strange – but it made my day!

-It’s been snowing all weekend, and so my boyfriend put the wiper blades on both of our cars up to keep them from getting frozen to the windshield. At first we were the only 2 cars in the lot with our blades poking up – but slowly it’s catching on and there were at least 2 or 3 other people that had their wipers up in the lot last night. We thought it was hilarious!!

-Got pricelists for 2014 finally made – now that it’s February lol. Glad I took the time to get them done, will save me tons of time in the long run. Pretty happy with the way the came out considering I cranked them out so quickly. Yayyyyyy. Finally CLOSE to the point where I feel like I can start focusing on new things and getting back to feeling less frazzled. Very glad about that.

-My sweet love FINALLY got the “flower pot” of a computer finally going with a fresh o/s install, now I just gotta get some extra ram for that bad boy and install all my junk. Will be SOOOOOO nice to have that going – can’t wait!

-Missed a lunch with a bride today that I felt kinda bad about but luckily she was super understanding and we are gonna reschedule soon. I totally spaced it. Reminds me I need to get more organized. and use my google calendar. ugh. boo. Grateful she was so cool about it and luckily it’s someone I’ve known for many years – so as far as that goes it was good it ended up happening with her.

-Gave myself a manicure…. while grocery shopping. Ghetto fabulous style. And ‘moon candy’ nail polish by hard candy is AMAZINGGGGGG. It looks super bad ass with my new….

-Druzy rings I got this week! Made a cool bracelet too out of polished titanium quartz points – all very fantastic and galatical looking. hehe. Also got some other crystals and fun things in the mail – will post up some pics on Instagram so go follow me there! Oooh and I found the COOLEST floating tea light holder, too – baths were NEVER more epic!!!!!! I might need to go back and buy the rest of the ones they’ve got in the store. Fill up the whole damn tub. Totally obsessed!!!

There was plenty of other stuff I’ve been meaning to write but I just couldn’t keep up with everything this week! Things are definitely good here though – so I guess it’s a no news is good news type thang!!! 😉

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Jenni Sais Quoi
Jenni is a photographer, herbalist, reiki master, certified yoga and meditation instructor; as well as an artist of many mediums. She muses at the world through a lens steeped in mindfulness, creativity, and compassion with the hope that her own journey and art inspire people to lead happier and healthier lives through conscious awareness, self acceptance, and mastering physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.


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